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26 August 2010 @ 12:22 pm
Yes. I know I missed another update. I'm a bad person. ^^

Actually I've just been distracted by a two certain someones on WoW...
The rps...I has them. And they are epic. Especially now that I have chosen to no longer acknowledge the person/people who were pissing me off. Things are so much better now that I can't stay away.

But. I do need to give more love to my fics, and my lovely readers.
17 August 2010 @ 11:41 pm
No updates this week. Went on an out of town shopping trip, and there was simply no time.

It seems like the only time I post to lj nowadays is when I'm sad or angry or have bad news. For that I'm very sorry. I'll try to do better, I promise!

But, still, no updates this week. So much for my rotation. I'll try to get something out soon though. If you want to try to influence which fic gets the next update, let me know. ^^

As far as real life goes...I promise I'm not always alternating between angst and fury. I feel as if I'm in limbo right now. I still have several months before I'll hear back from my most recent query letter, I'm still adjusting to my new job, and I'm preparing to move into my own place in a few months.

Even still some days I want to get out of this town so badly it makes my skin crawl. Especially lately. The more I feel like I'm waiting on something, the more antsy I get.
07 August 2010 @ 12:37 am
I've had a rough couple of weeks. Then I was made to question something I've never in my life questioned before: my beloved writing, and I can't even retreat to the solace of reviews because it's the end of summer and no one is reading right now.

The rant under the cut contains adult language.

Apologies in advance to the curious among you.

RP related RantCollapse )


Trying to work out a rotation for updating. Trying to do everything every week is too much, so we're going to try to rotate them - so your favorite fic should get an update once every three weeks. Fealty was updated two weeks ado, Deeper last week. Dirge should go up on Tuesday.

I got nostalgic and ordered seasons 1 and 2 of YYh. I had forgotton just how wonderful and special this series is. (Good thing too, because the chapters I'm working on for Dirge needed a boost of inpiration.)

*Retreats into YYH to lick her wounds and fantasize about Kurama*
27 May 2010 @ 06:05 am
I'm not purposfully not-updating, I promise. There just hasn't been time. I got called in to work on my off day last week (after having only had about 4 hours of sleep), had to work on Saturday, and had to go in for training on my off day this week. (How it takes 7 hours to teach your employees to be nice to the customers, I still don't understand.)

Anyway, just wanted to let ya'll know I'm not disapearing again, I'm not dead, and I'll have the next updates up just as soon as humanly possible. It looks like next month my off days will be Tuesdays (which, lucky for you, are also WoW maintenance days, which means I won't be able to spend the day playing instead of writing.) So maybe things will be easier then.

Speaking of WoW -- I finally found a realm I really like! Yay! Now to convince people that I'm a good enough writer to rp with...

Also, little more than a week left before my middle little brother gets married. How friggen wierd is that?
04 May 2010 @ 07:23 pm
So I ordered Mr. Brain from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. The Bird and I watched the first 4 episodes today, even though I had already seen them all online.

The first 4 eps are on the first disk, and it came with two. We had no problems with the first disk.

We put the second disk in to watch episode 5, and...WTF??? The subtitles are too fucked up for us to even attempt watching it. I'm not talking about a malfunction/scratch on the disk/whatever. The subtitles are incomplete nonsense sentences...like someone just took the words and stuck them in babblefish and posted the results, only they make less sense. Not only that, but there are random words that are pure nonsense, and not even the actors' names are written correctly.

The subtitles were perfectly fine in the first disk! WTF??

I don't even know what to do about this. It's not the seller's fault, after all, it's whoever did the damn subtitles. And this is a real product, not something someone burned in their basement. And it's not just one episode, but all of the remaining four.

What the fuck?
28 April 2010 @ 08:26 pm
New chapters!!! Yes, new chapters for Dirge, Deeper, and </b>Fealty!</b>

I worked on them all day today. Well, most of the day. I spent half of it rereading over Fealty, rereading the reviews after I finished each chapter. I realized I'm actually very proud of that fic and have no idea why it get updated the least often.

I also took the dog for a walk, which was an ordeal. 1. She's getting too strong for me, 2. She refuses to learn that her human's get angry when she tries to pull them 3. I think I broke one of my toes today, so was in pain the entire time.

But I did work on ficcage and didn't even play WoW. I know you're impressed.
26 April 2010 @ 09:48 pm
Boring job was not so boring today. Apparently everyone in town sensed I was trying to cover all three lanes at the drivethrough while the other girl had to be gone, and decided to come and test my very-newly-learned skills. Yes, the others helped me at the windows, but it was still frenzied. Definitly the wrong day to wear heels.

On the upside, I think I may be finally starting to get used to uncomfortable shoes.


Things I want to buy:
- Mr. Brain (Amazon has it for 15 bucks. Nice)
- New contacts. Gonna go back to wearing colored lenses, since I'm actually wearing them regularly again
- Adorable teal heels from Anarchic

Get paid Friday. But also have to pay off credit card for georgous dress I bought to wear to bro's wedding, so...it'll probably have to wait.

Also, can't find my DS. How am I supposed to study Japanese without my DS? Er...don't answer that.


Got new chapter of Deeper typed, but I think I'm gonna wait until Wednesday, when I'm off. I'm going to try to get the next chapter of Dirge up then, so I want to do them both at once.
21 April 2010 @ 04:15 pm
Boring job is boring. Still, I like it one-million-point-five times better than the last one, so no complaints. Still would rather be a successful writer than stay there forever, but for now I am tons happier.

I don't know if I mentioned it, and I'm too lazy to check, but I got my first rejection letter (yay! one down!) and am now trying to decide where to send the next one. It's damned unfair that all the good companies only want you sending them out one at a time, and yet responses can take anywhere from 6 months to even a year! I'm thinking of trying Baen next; they're supposed to like "new" writers. But they're one of those "don't expect an answer any sooner than 12 months after you send it" places. Also, their directions for submission aren't as clear as I would like: they want a synopsis, but don't specify how long they want it. Some places only want a pabge or two. Others want ten. On the plus side, they actually prefer for you to send the query online, and more, they want you to go ahead and send the entire book. I like this, because while I think the entire work is pretty good, I'm tremendously proud of the big battle scene at the end -- and you all know how much I abhor writing battle scenes. But this is pretty special, I think.

Anyway, I just need to finish my synopsis and send it off. But writing a synopsis is *hard.* I know the longer I wait to send it the longer it will take to hear back, but I still haven't done it yet. What the hell am I waiting for - a sign?


I don't know when the next updates will come. I'm not retreating again, I just don't have anything ready yet. Today was my off day, but I spent it shopping, walking the dog, and hope to get my room clean. Also, I'm trying to get a few of my characters on WoW into RP guilds, and so I've been playing more during the week than I usually do.

But now that I'm no longer job hunting, I can turn my attention back to other things. I haven't studied Japanese in months, so I need to start that again. Also need to pay attention to nutrition and excercise again. Being veggie does not help you lose weight if your diet consists of noodles and cheese. Need more, you know, veg. I've started doing nutrition research so it's fresher in my mind (easier to keep motivated) and ran into a very interesting article about how terrible high protein, low carb diets are. It was disturbing, because I've tried one of those before. (Incidentally, so did my dad...a short time before his heart attack.)


And because I read that a certain singer I like guest starred in episode 2, I got on dramacrazy.net to check out "Mr. Brain." Can I tell you how impressed I was with this show? Very entertaining. The main star is really good! I highly reccomend it.


And lastly, as a side...my father is driving me crazy. He's on steroids for allergies, and the things it does to his mood...arrrg!